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Dream+ (27cm Depth - Medium)
Dream+ (27cm Depth - Medium)
Dream+ (27cm Depth - Medium)
Dream+ (27cm Depth - Medium)

Dream+ (27cm Depth - Medium)

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                                 The Dream+

Crafted alongside the sleep scientists at Manchester United, the Dream+ takes advantage of Mlily's most advanced sleep technology, combining two high-spec beds into one complete mattress. The top half is centered around our Comfort design, introducing elements of  Mlily Cooling Gel, Comfort Memory Foam, and aerodynamic joint-borders to create a cool, adaptable sleeping surface. The bottom half features the best Support design, all fitted with custom X Springs that help to ease muscle and joint pain, providing you with an a healthier, more regenerative sleep.

Sleep better with 5 years warranty.

    The Dream+ by layers.

1. Mlily Gel-Memory Layers. Mlily sleep scientists have carefully combined the best in Cooling Gel and Comfort Memory Foams to provide you with an advanced layering system that is cool, breathable and adaptable to you.

2. X Springs. Mlily designed specialized X-springs for the Dream series, layering 2000 of them into the core of this high performance mattress.

3. Air-tech Border. Next the aerodynamic border is fitted to keep air-flow consistent, helping you stay cooler and get to sleep faster. It’s also built with specially molded joints to keep support even, from the center to the very edges of your mattress.

4. Flex Comfort Foam. Completing the first half of this bed is a base layer of Mlily Flex Comfort Foam.

5. Thin Flex Comfort Foam. Next they introduced an extra layer of Flex Comfort Foam for added suppleness.

6. Comfort Springs. The base of this bed is all about support, and Mlily designed a specially fitted Comfort-spring to provide a complete and thorough foundation. 1000 of these custom springs line the core of their mattress.

7. Air-tech Border. What’s better than one Air tech Border? Two. Mlily added an additional custom fitted joint-border to ensure corner to corner support across every surface of the bed.

8. Flex Support Foam. Mlily added a final layer of our custom Flex Support Foam to provide you with a stoppage-time level of support to help you recover quicker and sleep more completely.

Available Sizes
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Single 90cm 190cm
Double 135cm 190cm
King 150cm 200cm