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Competitions Terms and Conditions

Competitions Terms & Conditions

1. The promoter

The 'Promoter' is: Lazee nights Ltd within these terms we my be described as 'our' or Lazeenight' or 'Promoter' our company number is: 11985380 our registered office and correspondence address is Unit 11 Empire Business Park, Liverpool Road, Burnley, Lancashire, BB12 6LT

If you prefer to email us our email address is:

2. Our competitions

2.1 All our competitions are skill-based competitions Lazee nights LTD apply an entry fee for each time you enter. 

2.2 To be in with a chance of winning, everyone who enters the competition (an “Entrant”) will be required to correctly answer a question or solve a problem set by the Promoter (the “Competition Question”).

2.3 These terms and conditions apply to all competitions listed on the Lazee nights website at  (the “Website”)

3. How you enter

3.1. The competition will run from and including the opening and closing dates specified on the website. These dates shall be referred to as the “opening date” and “closing date” respectively. All times given will be in GMT

3.2. Lazee nights reserves the right to change the opening and closing dates. If the 'Promoter' does change any dates of a competition, the new details will be displayed on the website.

3.3. All competition entries received after the specified time on the closing date will be disqualified without a refund.  

3.4. To make the competition fair we limit the amount of entries each person is allowed per competition, different limits may apply Lazee nights reserves the right to change this at any time. 

3.5. To enter our competition:

  •  Go to our website ( Select LN Competitions on the main menu;
  •  Select the competition you would like to enter you need to answer our skill based question then select the number of entries you require. (See 3.4) 
  • complete all the details at the checkout process
  • complete the payment to receive your order confirmation.

3.6. Lazee nights will send confirmation that your entry has been received, and  allocated you a ticket number(s).

3.8. By purchasing entries and submitting a competition entry, you are entering into a contract with Lazee nights and are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.

3.9. The Promoter will not accept responsibility for competition entries that are not successfully filled out, or for any lost and/or delayed regardless of cause, this includes, any equipment failure, technical malfunction, computer hardware or software failure of any kind.

3.10. You may enter the competition for free by complying with the following conditions:

(A) send your entry on postcard by first class post to the Promoter at the following address: Lazee nights Unit 11 Empire Business Park, Liverpool Road, Burnley, Lancashire, BB12 6LT

(B) Include on your postcard the following information:

  •  First and Last name;
  •  Your full address;
  •  A contact telephone number and email address.
  • Your chosen competition, and your answer to the skill based game.

(C) Entries that are incomplete or illegible will be disqualified from the competition.

(D) You may make multiple free entries for any competition (up to any limit placed on entries by the Promoter see terms 3.4) Each entry needs to be made separately to us by postcard following the above terms set out from 3.10, one postcard entry will only ever equate to one competition entry of your choice providing all the details are complete as above. 

(E) You are bound by the competitions terms and any entry after the closing date of the competition will not be accepted. You will not be notified if you have correctly answered the skill based question, we will not confirm your entry either.

(F) By entering the competition, you are confirming that you are eligible to enter and accept these terms and conditions set out.

(G) you will not be entered into the random draw if the competition sells out before you entry is received by us.

(H) You will not be entered into the random draw if the competition sells out before you entry is received by us.

4. Choosing a winner

4.1 Only Entries that correctly answer the skill based question will be entered into the random draw, Competition draws will take place as soon a reasonably possible, We reserve the right to move closing dates whether we extend or reduce if tickets sell out earlier.

4.2 All correct entrants will have their names and ticket numbers put into an excel spreadsheet. We will show this spreadsheet during the competition live draw for transparency. If for any reason you want your name censored from the spreadsheet contact us before the draw at 

4.3 All entrants will receive a random number which will posted on social media on the day of the draw.

5. Eligibility

5.1. You can only enter our competitions if you are 18 years old and reside within the UK, the following people cannot enter:

(a) Employees of the Lazeenights.

5.2. By entering our competition(s), you are confirming that you are eligible to do so and eligible to claim any prize you win. Lazee Nights may at times require or request you to provide proof that you are eligible to enter the competition. If you fail to provide details requested by Lazee nights within a reasonable time you may be disqualified from the competition and a redraw will take place.

5.3. Lazee nights will not accept any entries that are:

(a) Not placed by a human which is eligible.

5.4. Lazee nights reserves all rights to disqualify you if we deem your conduct unacceptable.

5.5. No refunds entry fee refunds are given in any event, It is your responsibility to make sure that:;

(a)You are eligible to enter the competition or claim the Prize; 

(b) You are eligible even if we change the criteria for entering and/or the competition.

(c) if you are disqualified from the competition by Lazee nights for any reason.

5.6. We will not accept the following entrants if they have been invloded in the following:  

(a) Any form of fraud; 

(b) Any fraudulent misrepresentation; 

(c) Any fraudulent concealment; 

(d) Any hacking or interference with the website what so ever.

6. The prize

6.1 Our prizes are described on our website we intend to accurately display details about the prize, including closing dates, entry limits and entries still available. 

6.2 we reserve rights to change the prize and offer an equal or greater prize, details will be made know on our website, we reserve the right to change prizes even after the live draw has taken place which the winner only will be notified.

6.3 Lazee Nights will give no warranties with the prize however manufactures warranties may apply on new products.

6.4. We intend to give you the most accurate information, we do not accept any liability for misrepresentation, we will however makes sure the following

(a) If the prize is a vehicle we will ensure a valid MOT, however we do not provide Insurance or road tax.

(b) It is the prize winners responsibility to check over the vehicle before driving,  the prize winner accepts that Lazee nights have no liability for accidents or damage or general maintenance which occur after handover.

(c) No insurance comes with any of our prize(s); 

(d) Once the prize is won Lazee Nights will not have any responsibility over the prize(s) After handover or when released to third party couriers.

6.4. Our prizes might be delivered by third party companies the winner will be notified of this.

6.5. Lazee nights reserves the right to substitute the prize for an alternative cash prize at any time.

6.6. Lazee nights prize(s) are not negotiable or transferable to any other party or company.

6.7 Cash alternatives for vehicles will be acquired from a reputable companies trade in price. 

7. Winners

7.1. Lazee nights will have the final say on any decision regards all related aspects of their competitions and Lazee nights will not enter into any discussion after a decision has been made.

7.2. For transparency we announce the winner on our social media accounts if you do not want to publicly announced the winner you need to let us know before the draw. 

7.3. All winners have 21 days to claim and collect their prize, we will contact winners as soon a possible to confirm a winning ticket, if a winning prize isn't collect or claimed we will use the same method to pick another winner.

7.4. Lazee nights will either publish or make available information that shows a valid award took place, Lazee nights will publish the full name and town of residence of major prize winners on the Website. 

7.5. If you request Lazee nights not post any information regards your personal details we wont, however to comply with the 'advertising standards authority' we are required to keep this information and potentially supply to governing bodies to prove the legitimise of our competitions.

8. Claiming the prize

8.1You just inform us if your personal details change at any time, if in the event your details change and you win a prize you may lose your prize and another winner will be selected. all details can be sent to

8.2 Vehicle prizes MUST be claimed by the winner in person and pass all eligility checks for example proof of age, for any other prizes we will use third party couriers to deliver the prize, its your responsibility to ensure we have the correct address and contact details, once the prize is released to the third party couriers we have no responsibility to ensure you receive the prize. 

8.3 Cash prizes need to be claimed by the winner and no other person, if we suspect this isn't the case we can refuse the prize until proof is provided you are the owner of the bank account.

8.4 Lazee nights do not accept any responsibility and is not liable to pay any compensation if you are unable to or do not take up the prize.

8.5. For vehicle prizes you need to make sure you are eligible to drive the vehicle which includes but not restrict to:

(a) Valid insurance

(b) The general condition of the vehicle meets the laws of the roads

(c) A valid driving licence

9. Limitation of liability

Lazee nights will not in any circumstances be responsible or liable to compensate the winner or accept any liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or death occurring as a result of taking up any of our prizes however where cause by the negligence of the Lazee nights. Your statutory rights are not affected.

10. Data protection and publicity

10.1 if you do not want us to use your information in any PR or confirmation of winners then contact us at 

10.2 you may at times be asked to take part in extra PR and advertisements, if you do not opt out of this we reserve the right to use the information to further promote our services. by opting out your entry will not be hindered  in anyway

10.3.We may at times need to provide winners information to the advertising standards authority. We are legally required if asked to provide details of any of our competition this could include your personal details.

10.4. Winners may be asked to prove they are eligible to claim a prize, if you are asked and cannot provide proof within 10 days you will lose your right to the prize and a redraw will take place, you will not receive a refund for your initial entry or be reimbursed for any costs you incur in collecting a prize or participating in our competitions

10.5. Data protection law allows you to request we remove all your details, if you request this you will not be entered into any competitions and you will not receive a refund, requests can be made at

11. General

11.1. Lazee nights reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions. The latest version of these terms and conditions will be available on the website.

11.2 Facebook as no involvement what so ever in our competitions, by entering you agree Facebook do not have any liability and no claim(s) can be made against them what so ever.

11.3 These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law, and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

11.4 You should print a copy of these terms and conditions and keep them for your records.

12. Discounts

12.1 Lazee Nights offer 5% discount for every person that enters our competitions, this discount can only be redeem against a electrical item within our online shop.

12.2 Only one discount per PERSON that enters, the maximum amount of discount you can receive of any item(s) is 5%

12.3 Lazee night reserves the right to refuse discount at any time without reason.

12.4 We allow discounts to be redeem unto 3 days after the competition draw, at this point you will lose your discount entirely.