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Mattress aftercare.

  1. We recommend that you use a washable mattress protector if one isn't supplied with your mattress, this will help avoid discolouration and marking
  2. Avoid using plastic mattress protectors as this can cause condensation to build up.
  3. We recommend that you clean your mattress regularly by gently brushing or vacuuming (using the correct attachments) 
  4. Let your mattress breath, pulling back the duvet and bed sheets everyday.
  5. Avoid sitting on the very edge of the bed, this can cause unnecessary stress to the boarders and springs.
  6. Unless stated we recommend you turn and rotate your mattress every week for the first three months, then month after that.
  7. No - turn Mattresses should be rotated each month for the first three months, then every three months after that.
  8. Don't turn a memory foam mattress over.
  9. If your mattresses develops a stain use warm water and mild detergent NEVER soak your mattress.
  10. Getting used to your new mattress will take some time specially for your body to adjust, new mattresses take time for the fillings to settle.
  11. Many mattresses show signs of settlement especially where you laid, this is due to fillings being compressed together during use, this is perfectly natural and doesn't effect the comfort. 
  12. Most products come with a care leaflet please follow these.