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About us

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LaZee nights is a Lancashire based company that understand the importance of a good nights sleep, not only for yourself but for all the family.
Here at LaZee nights we bring quality products at affordable prices along with flexible payment terms.
Our team carefully select the products we offer, along with scouring the internet to make sure our prices cant be beat, making sure that our customers get the best quality and price in the market. 

Sam - Founder

Sam has a passion for educating and caring for young children, Sam has worked within the education sector from leaving school and gaining numerous qualification's over the last decade. 
Sam - ' having worked within early years education I've learnt how important sleep is both to adults and children, I've supported many families over the years on how to get their children into a good bedtime routine and supported them on how to approach moving a child from a cot to a bed. Being a mum to 2 young children I appreciate every bit of sleep I get and nothings better than after a long day with the kids than getting into bed.'

James - Founder/Director

James has a range of working backgrounds from leaving school and qualifying as a Joiner to working as a dialler and analytics manager, James also works casually for a top premier league football team as a scout.
James - 'Its fair to say with working all week and then working weekends at the football club along with raising two young children i really need my sleep, there will be millions of people across the country and world that will be in the same position, setting up LaZee nights gives people access to top quality products at low prices, i think generally people underestimate the power of a good nights sleep, with the products we offer it brings that to as many people as possible with flexible payment terms